Keeping The Industry Responsible

Keeping The Industry Responsible

Industry operations in British Columbia are subject to many regulations, set by the provincial government.

Regulations are detailed and strict, ensuring industry is responsibly developing British Columbia’s natural gas resources.

The BC Oil and Gas Commission is the provincial regulator responsible for overseeing the work done by industry, from initial exploration activities to the delivery of product to refineries or LNG facilities.

The BC Oil and Gas Commission already regulates more than 20,000 wells and over 40,000 kilometres of pipeline infrastructure across the province.

Natural gas exploration and production has been safely occurring in British Columbia for over 50 years. The province is globally recognized as having some of the highest standards for safety and environmental protection – keeping industry responsible, today and tomorrow.

See Setting the Standards for more details about

the provincial government’s work to ensure

British Columbia maintains a strong safety record.


BC Laws provides free public access to the current laws of British Columbia. This unofficial current consolidation of BC Statutes and Regulations is updated continually as new and amended laws come into force.

You can access any of the listed Acts and Regulations listed below (and others) from their website

The most recent versions may not yet be available at the links below.